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From Infancy to School Age

A Curriculum Designed for Holistic Development and Academic Success

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At the heart of our center lies a profound commitment to nurture an enduring love for learning in every child that steps through our doors.

At Happy Zone Child Care Center, our curriculum isn't just about academic learning. It's a blend of research-driven educational strategies and a deep understanding of child psychology. We prioritize holistic development, ensuring that every child not only achieves academic milestones but also develops emotionally, socially, and physically. Parents can be assured that their child is receiving a well-rounded education that prepares them for both school and life.

Additionally, our commitment to comprehensive care extends beyond daytime hours. With our dedicated overnight care program, we provide a secure, nurturing environment during evenings, fostering continuous growth and support even after the sun sets. Our round-the-clock approach ensures that children receive consistent care and attention, promoting a seamless developmental journey.

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(0-1 Years)


The infant stage is crucial for brain development and sensory exploration. Our curriculum is tailored to stimulate cognitive growth through sensory play, music, and gentle interactions. We understand the importance of emotional bonding at this age, so our caregivers ensure a nurturing environment where your baby feels safe and loved. For parents, this means peace of mind knowing their infant is in a setting that prioritizes both care and early learning. We communicate with the children through English, Spanish, and American Sign Language (ASL). ASL makes it easier for the child to connect the English and Spanish. Additionally, it helps their brains develop and communicate. A house formula is provided if desired.

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(1-2 Years)

Early Preschool 1

As toddlers take their first steps into the world, our curriculum is designed to fuel their natural curiosity. We introduce them to basic concepts through storytelling, art, and interactive play. Motor skill development, language acquisition, and social interactions are key components at this stage. Parents can expect their toddlers to develop foundational skills in a structured yet playful environment.

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(2-3 Years)

Early Preschool 2

This phase is all about fostering independence and self-confidence. Our curriculum emphasizes hands-on learning, allowing children to explore, ask questions, and find answers. We dive deeper into literacy and numeracy, using engaging methods that make learning enjoyable. For parents, this means watching their child grow into a confident, inquisitive learner ready to take on new challenges. We work with parents to determine the optimal time and approach for initiating potty training for their child.

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(3-4 Years)

Preschool 1

As children approach the formal schooling age, our Preschool 1 program intensifies its focus on academic readiness. We dive into advanced literacy, mathematics, and science concepts using interactive lessons. Equally important is the development of social skills, emotional intelligence, and creativity. Parents can be assured that their child is receiving a comprehensive education that balances academic rigor with personal growth.

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(4-5 Years)

Preschool 2

Our Preschool 2 curriculum is designed to ensure a smooth transition to formal schooling. We emphasize reading, writing, arithmetic, and critical thinking. Beyond academics, we focus on building resilience, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication skills. We emphasize the social, emotional, and lerning development of each child. For parents, this means having the confidence that their child is well-prepared for the challenges of kindergarten.

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(6+ Years)

School Age

Our School Age program complements the formal education children receive in school. We offer homework assistance, ensuring concepts are well understood. Beyond academics, we provide enrichment activities that foster creativity, leadership, and teamwork. For parents, this means knowing their child is in a safe, fun, and supportive environment that reinforces school learning while also focusing on personal development.

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